Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes a girl just needs some CHOCOLATE!!!!

These chocolate cookies are SO good I can't stand it. Yesterday, for reasons I won't get into I needed some chocolate. I could argue that I needed it like I needed a hole in the head but hey at least I'm honest. After dinner I decided that I'd bake a double batch of chocolate cookies; that way they'd last a bit longer. I'll admit I'm not much of a cook, but I do enjoy baking occasionally. Maybe that's why a career in Pampered Chef was not for me, though I love the baking stones!

Finished product, and they go great with a cup of Chai tea for breakfast too!


  1. Oh recipe??? And chocolate cookies for breakfast? LOVE IT!!! ;-)

  2. I don't make a habit of eating cookies for breakfast, however sometimes it a matter of life and death.... ;-)

  3. Barb, the grunt!Saturday, March 13, 2010

    CHOCOLATE, the life of stuff!


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