Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buckley's Bellyache

Yikes have I had a day! It's been so nice here the past couple days I've let the goats out to wander around in the yard and unsupervised. Meaning, yes, the kids were out there 'playing' with them but essentially they were unsupervised. None of them took off, I guess that they've realized the grass is not always greener considering what they've come from. Well, the young squire that is Buckley decided to eat all the pine needles off a tree in the back of the barn, all those he could reach at least. Today, I paid for it! During the night and early morning he'd been "painting" the walls of the goat pen and what didn't end up on the walls dribbled all down his backside. Thankfully he's not a fiber goat, all that wool to deal with would have been a huge disaster! He does however have his long winter coat on and actually has very long leg hair. Well folks, you have not lived until you've spent the afternoon washing a bellyache off the backside of a goat!


  1. Another reason I'm not the farmer in the family!

  2. Too funny! We've written about Buckley in our Blog Bits section at All Things Goat.com and put you in our Google Reader to stay updated on your adventures. http://is.gd/83kYV


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