Saturday, November 2, 2013

a huge piece

A huge piece of my heart left in the back of a subaru this afternoon. A huge piece. Barn-um and Bale-e left to go live on another farm today. They were never pushy or aggressive with my or any other human but they were starting to get a bit aggressive with my dairy herd in the exact same way that my other pygora wether did and I had no way of keeping them separated from the rest of the herd, so I ...did the only thing I could do and that was to find them another perfect home. This was not an easy decision AT ALL, but when talking to this new family I knew that this would be alright and they would receive as much love there as they did here and as hard as it was that brought me peace about my decision. I will honestly miss those boys for the rest of my life. As sad as my heart is tonight my heart is equally as thrilled for the new family. I remember the feeling of picking up one of my goats in my truck and the feeling I has as if by slamming that tailgate I was now part of some amazing secret society and I gathered from the smile on his face this new goat owner did too and I was proud to have been able to do that. To send two of the best goats I've owned, my ambassadors out to spread the love of goats into this world. When they left I went out into the pasture with the rest of my herd and cried. I knew that it was the right thing to do and was able to smile because of the feeling of knowing just what this new family would feel towards them. Complete love. So tonight I am thankful for Barn-um and Bale-e, the time they spent here, the trust they placed in me and for the new home they have where they will be loved and adored. Be well boys and be happy.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

good quote

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys..
~Rita Schiano

Friday, October 18, 2013

Long overdue

Wow. What a whirlwind of a summer, well for a bit now.

We participated in some farmers markets last year some were good, some not worth our time but it was a part of the learning curve of farming and finding our place in the world. That led to discussions about goats that were born this spring and what my plans were for all the milk that comes with having 6 milkers which led to more markets, getting my dairy license and a ton of cheese making! These markets were wayyyyyy better than the ones I tried last year but I was also offering dairy products so that helped and the location was different as well. Like I said, we are now a state licensed and inspected dairy and I couldn't be more thrilled with that, as hard as certain aspects of that are it has been a huge blessing. We've met some great people in our travels this summer and I'm glad to have been able to do that.

The kids and I were invited out on a working Maine lobster boat. Damn, that is seriously hard work. Loved everything about it, well almost everything, the smell of the bait and the seasickness that came along with it wasn't ideal, but made for a complete experience. Don't you ever complain about the price of lobster to the person who hauls it out of the ocean til you've actually been out and done it.

We had some heartbreak this kidding season as well and I'm told that if you are in goats for any length of time you'll experience it all, the good and the bad. Well I'm really hoping not to have another year like this one ever, but if it is my lot I suppose I'll take it and be glad for the lessons it teaches.

My husband's health is holding steady and I thank you for your concern, that means a lot.

Hoping to get a new camera soon as on one of our days off this summer I took the kids panning for gold and slipped in the river and ruined the one we had. SO mad at myself for that, but I didn't get hurt and easily could have so I'll take a ruined camera over that.

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm still here!

I am, I really am! I'm just so busy with my dairying and farmers markets and life and not being able to blog from my phone that I've not updated like I have in the past. So here's a pic to show you I really am still here. Ron finally got a boat this summer and he and the kids have enjoyed it very much I've gone out a few times too. Tonight we went out in it to an island that is made up of black sand! SO neat!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's official!

As of today I am an officially  licensed goat dairy! Thrilled doesn't even begin to describe how I feel!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I did it!

I passed inspection on my first try! More details to come!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

and the rest of the gang...for now...

So it's been a while since I've really posted anything here for several reasons, limited time being one of them. But wanted to introduce you to some of the newest members of the herd. Below is Birdie.

Birdie bears this name because she was born with a parrot mouth and parrot = bird and it sort of just stuck.... Quite honestly when I saw that I was afraid she'd have to be put down because I thought she wouldn't be able to eat or drink, much to my delight I was wrong! It took a bit of patience and it was a learning curve at first, but she's eating like a champ! She's eating hay and will now even drink water from a bucket.
 Next up it was FINALLY Katie's turn to deliver. I was convinced that she was going to stay "sleek and single Katie" forever so when she started showing signs of pregnancy I was over the moon happy! Though she kept it a secret for a looooooong time. Had I not felt the baby moving I'd likely never have suspected she was carrying. I like to be in the "delivery room" with my girls and I love it when they come to me to seek comfort while laboring.

 Katie didn't venture too far from me and I was SOOOO glad to have been there for this delivery. One of the pictures Ron took of this delivery was of me praying for Katie and I gotta say, it's one of my favs, I think it was intuition as Katie's delivery was a rough one, she labored normally but when she started pushing and pushing and pushing and nothing really was happening I started getting worried. I ended up having to go in and get the baby out. Katie was exhausted and this baby was not coming out. I was scared but remained calm and went through all the kidding scenarios I had read about and had the kids start praying too. I worked with her contractions and prayer and got the baby out and both momma and baby survived. Then let out a huge sign of relief and a prayer of thanks. It was no wonder she had trouble, Jumpin' Jeffery weighed in at exactly 9 pounds! For a first freshener that is HUGE!
 This is Jumpin' Jeffery and I'm not sure if it's because of the traumatic delivery or his innate goat-ness and goofy personality but I am completely smitten with this not so little guy. Maybe because it's Katies first baby too, I have no idea, just completely smitten.

Next up was Strawberry, she hadn't taken since she had Buckley and Katie and I thought it was because Blackberry had been so mean to her and hurt her internally, but I guess not! When she came into season shortly after Dealer arrived here I honestly didn't hold much hope of her taking and when the first breeding didn't take I figured well, I'm not surprised. Then she came into a full blown screaming (literally) heat, she literally chased Dealer all over and kept flagging and my thought was geez, Strawberry have a little self control girl! But this cycle was different and this one took! This produced twins. A little girl that we named Laudamus (meaning "we praise!" - and after all we have been through the past couple years in general and with this little girls mom I figure it's a fitting name.)
 And another buckling which we named Vedder, yes, as in the last name of the lead singer of Pearl Jam - Ron's favorite band. Vedder had showed signs of selenium deficiency because he was walking on just the very tip of his front toes then would take a few steps and lay down, heartbreaking?! YES! I called my vet and was able to get some selenium and vitamin E for him. That worked very well! With in days he was better and up and running with the rest of the herd and his legs have completely straightened out. We live in a very selenium deficient area and despite the fact that I'd never had problems with it for kidding this year I had a few. Turns out that Birdies parrot mouth and the lack of pregnancies for Katie and Strawberry all these years could also have been cause by that too. So now I know and can take steps accordingly.

 This is the second group of kids all snuggling together in the bean bag, cute? oh yes! Below is the introduction of all the babies this year. I see a pattern with Dealer's offspring. two white, two black and two brown. I find it maddening that forever now I have wanted a little black doe, because I love the way they look and I got white does and black bucks. Sigh, maybe next year.
Let me tell ya folks, this is a wonderful way to start my mornings, sitting in the sunroom in the early morning light with a bunch of babies in my arms! L to R Vedder, Jeffery, Laudamus

Saturday, March 9, 2013

And we have a girl!

Our second doe had kidded and she gave us a doe! An huge doe weighing in at 9lb 4oz.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the boys

These are our newest additions... born last night. Everybody is doing well and I am thrilled! The tan one in the blue coat is Nick and he was born first and the black one is Quinque (quin-kway), the kids are studying Latin this year and we all agreed that we liked that word and it means 5. Since he's the 5th baby born here we decided this was it!

More babies are expected soon and the news I'm dying to share, but need to wait til the last pieces are in place.

and it has begun...

...kidding season started tonight... Orange Spice and Dealer produced two beautiful bucklings... pictures to come later... or you can go to our facebook page to see them tonight. One very tired but happy and grateful farmer tonight.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy Smokes!

What a week! too late to share all the details tonight, but soon, very soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

and enthusiastically too!

This afternoon while running errands in town my son said to me "Mommy, will you turn Joel Salatin back on please?" I had had to turn off the audio book we were listening to for a minute. I thought for a moment then beamed that my 11 year old was asking to listen to an audio book about the future of food in America and very enthusiastically too I might add!

Tip of the Day

I thought I'd share with you my helpful farming tip of the day...

...when trimming goat feet always keep your mouth closed. Always.

Don't ask me how I know this.