Saturday, November 2, 2013

a huge piece

A huge piece of my heart left in the back of a subaru this afternoon. A huge piece. Barn-um and Bale-e left to go live on another farm today. They were never pushy or aggressive with my or any other human but they were starting to get a bit aggressive with my dairy herd in the exact same way that my other pygora wether did and I had no way of keeping them separated from the rest of the herd, so I ...did the only thing I could do and that was to find them another perfect home. This was not an easy decision AT ALL, but when talking to this new family I knew that this would be alright and they would receive as much love there as they did here and as hard as it was that brought me peace about my decision. I will honestly miss those boys for the rest of my life. As sad as my heart is tonight my heart is equally as thrilled for the new family. I remember the feeling of picking up one of my goats in my truck and the feeling I has as if by slamming that tailgate I was now part of some amazing secret society and I gathered from the smile on his face this new goat owner did too and I was proud to have been able to do that. To send two of the best goats I've owned, my ambassadors out to spread the love of goats into this world. When they left I went out into the pasture with the rest of my herd and cried. I knew that it was the right thing to do and was able to smile because of the feeling of knowing just what this new family would feel towards them. Complete love. So tonight I am thankful for Barn-um and Bale-e, the time they spent here, the trust they placed in me and for the new home they have where they will be loved and adored. Be well boys and be happy.

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  1. This reminds me of an incident I observed as a child when my aunt cried when the young ox that we had was sold for Rs 500 . There was just enough room in our stable for cow and so the Ox had to go. I did not understand the significance of the attachment my aunt had with the young ox but now I know how she felt.


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