Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life is good!

Tonight I finally felt like a full fledged farmer! A friend of mine is moving and needs to downsize some of her animals and for one particular goat she thought of me, of course I accepted and went to pick her up tonight.

The kids and I took the tonneau cover off the back of my truck this morning, went to pick up my sisters large dog crate did our usual Thursday things and went to meet this friend face to face (it's amazing how well you can 'get' someone via email. I think this girl and I are twins separated at birth! Though we do not look a thing alike.....) and pick up the goat, did things to a couple of her bull calves I never thought I'd do... (I'll post pics later), unloaded the dog crate and she was convinced to follow me using a bit of grain, we got her loaded into the dog crate, which was a tight squeeze as she's an angora cross and has a TON of fiber! Lifted it onto the back of the truck and wrapped the crate with blanket and secured them with bungee cords. Shut the tailgate with the cha-klink sound of authenticity, of my farm truck; the one I bought specifically for this purpose and headed back up to the farmhouse to warm up. On the way home I realized that I felt like an actual farmer for the first time since I started this crazy path I've chosen. I was doing what I'd wanted to do for a while; odd as it may sound, I was transporting my livestock in my truck to my farm and realized I felt like a farmer! What an amazing feeling to feel like you're living your life according to the plan that was for you. Like you're doing what you were put on Earth to do even if it's just a piece of what you're supposed to be doing.

I've had a busy day and another long one tomorrow but I'll post pictures of the latest cast member later, that and the bulls....


  1. I know that feeling, it is the best feeling in the world, that realization of a dream come true even if only on the smallest scale, pure satisfaction! I look forward to hearing about the bull calves and seeing the new addition.

  2. Cool! I had that thought this summer after caring for the animals and then working in the garden. And I liked it. Go figure. I even grew up on a farm. But this piece is now MINE. Although - not sure I want to do the bull calf thing.... ;-)

  3. Hehe, glad to find your blog - I do that thing to the bull calves often. And ram lambs.... Congratulations on the goat - an angoraX, how lucky. Do you spin fiber?

  4. Hi Heather,

    I'll admit that I'm not 'well versed' in spinning, but I'm trying and learning. I'm using a drop spindle but really would like wheel. I've got a pygora goat and a llama whom I've shorn in the past and will be again shortly and I attempt to spin that. I actually posted about it in January:

  5. Hi 'Berry Patch' I'm sure you could do the bull calf thing, it was not nearly as bad as I thought and a heck of a lot less worse than paying the vet to do it! Yikes, that was a hard Bill to swallow!


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