Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today while taking a break from putting up fencing to talk to Ron, Strawberry meandered over to us and stopped in between us; fully expecting to be loved on. She looked up at us with those sappy love-y dove-y goats eyes of hers and how could we refuse?! She has been such a blessing to us and our farm and I am so thankful for her. My sister's fence was not powerful enough to hold her in which was sad for them, but since they sent her over here they can come visit anytime and know that she's got a good home and by the look on her face I'd say she's happy! She has given us two little goat kids and will hopefully deliver more in April. We've been milking her since she kidded and it's been almost two years! Her production is down now, but still gives me about a quart a day, so I've nothing to complain about! She follows us around like a puppy and moos similarly to a cow when we're too far away from her or she's calling the rest of the herd. She snores when she sleeps, slurps when drinking water and tries to sneak into the grain room almost daily when I take her off the milking stand but I adore her. Thank you Amy for this wonderful blessing.

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  1. She's a great goat! She will now come up to me without hesitation and let me scratch her back and head and give her hugs. Thank you Amy from me as well!


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