Saturday, November 6, 2010

I do love them Sam I am!!

I love green eggs and ham! Well, let me clarify, I love 'ham - on the hoof," as in alive, my goodness am I going to miss my girls... As silly as this post may seem I'm thrilled beyond words and so excited and thankful for this 1 single (so far) green egg! I've only been waiting for nearly 3 years to get one. I had 2 colored egg layers from the last batch of hens I raised; 1 turned out to be a rooster and a mean one at that, and the other 1 laid white-ish eggs. I was kind of bummed about that... Then this year, I ordered 4 colored egg layers, 1 drowned, another was eaten my the fox, 1 started laying today(!!) and I'm still waiting on the other 1, hopefully she'll lay blue eggs, wouldn't that be cool?! Although.... as per the requirement to be a cast member of the "Misfit Farm" you have to have a special uniqueness... I ordered 3 leghorns this time for white eggs, thinking they would look nice all mixed with the varying shades of brown eggs and the colored eggs, well 1 of the 3 leghorns lays white eggs. So in all likelihood it'll be a purple egg with polka dots! I could go for that!


  1. Hurray for multi- coloured eggs! I try to mix a bunch of layers together with some more efficient brown egg layers (so that there is guaranteed eggs every day). I have yet to raise leghorns though, I hear they are quite flighty. I have a love for the blue green eggs. I also have some pullets called cuckoo marins that are said to lay dark brown chocolate coloured eggs, time will tell on that!

  2. LOL, that's funny, when I chose my first flock of layers, I chose hardiness in winter, laying ability and then a pretty FLOCK. This time I chose for winter hardiness, laying ability and pretty EGGS! I'm supposed to have one or two that lay dark brown eggs as well! I'm looking forward to opening the box of eggs in the fridge and seeing a variety of colors. Hopefully I'll get at least one blue egg! But I'm thrilled to get a green one. We'll see. My sister-in-law had at least one leghorn, maybe more I don't know and she would say yes, they are flighty, she had a hard time keeping hers in the coop. I've not yet experienced that, but ours are free ranged all over the yard and still young???..... maybe that makes a difference.

  3. Right there with you about the awesomeness of green-blue eggs. I had one or two last year, who are, unfortunately, no longer with us, and I had two this year, one of which also bit the dust (thank you, dear husky dog of mine who got loose...) but have ONE left. AND I have two cuckoo marans who are new this year, so have not laid any yet, but I can't wait for spring when I SHOULD be getting regular browns, two dark browns, and a blue every day, or close. How fun.


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