Friday, November 5, 2010

to sleep perhaps to dream

The other post for today was technically for yesterday, but I got home really late and had to boot up the computer due to a power outage so it was shortly after midnight when I was able to post, but it is what it is right?

Well it's been a hectic two days and it's been a good two days, so I'm not complaining, but tonight I'm chilled having been out in the damp cold night air and I'm beyond exhausted, I'm extremely thankful for my bed, flannel sheets and an electric blanket! It's where I'm headed in about 10 minutes.

I'm also thankful for the flexibility of the life I have, I noticed this morning when I was doing barn chores that my does were wagging tails and exhibiting other signs of being in heat so I figured a trip up to visit with a nice 'experienced' buck was suddenly 'on the docket' for the afternoon. I called the owner of the said bucks and we made arrangements to meet after he got home from work. Up country we drove after loading the girls and it was halfway successful. Katie, the younger of the two does and daughter of Strawberry would more likely 'participate' I was told by the buck's owner. Well, Katie showed him! She would not have anything to do with the buck, she tucked her tail down tight and hid behind me! Which consequently ended up made me smell buck like... ugh! Anyway, it didn't appear that Strawberry would co-operate, because of her behaviour, she was not a doe to behave wantonly, she'd more of a hard to get type of girl... besides, that young buck was just trying to 'be' with her daughter. ::Shuddering:: She was more interested in the "Big Daddy" buck that strutted out into the 'deed' area. Oh. My. Word!! He. Is. AWESOME!! I cannot wait to see the babies!! AND he throws mostly girls! ::doing a happy dance, tyring not to count the chicks before the hatch, but oooooh I cannot wait!:: Did I mention he was a nice looking buck? Later we went into the barn and saw some of his daughters and WOW! So anyway, we're half way to the breeding 'goal' for the year, if Katie had stood, we'd be at 100%, but now we get to load her again and head up country, fortunately it's not too far and I have a pretty flexible lifestyle, which I'm thankful for.


  1. So where is "up country". Up country for us is Aroostock.

  2. Farmington area.

    I'm slightly irritated with Katie, full standing heat, today! Unfortunately I could not get a hold of the owner of the bucks and with sucha stort window of oppertunity.... I think we'll have to wait another month. Ugh!

  3. OH NO! As a old goat (herder) myself. I hate it when the girl stand the boy (s) up THEN go into a full blown "I love you so I am, boyfriend, where are you?" heat. Then she looks at you with THAT face and a few other parts and asks "So, ..where did he go?" Goat heat! AUGH!

  4. That is so exciting! Do you have an estimated due date or is that jumping the gun? Would love to see some pics of Katie and Buckly too. Just LOVE that Strawberry too!!

  5. Kids are due April 4th give or take a day, but if you remember last time she went over much to my dismay... This is if she took, which I'm sure she has. ::hoping::


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