Thursday, November 11, 2010

grown-up chat

Every week while my children are at AWANAS I get to sit with one of my favorite people and have mostly uninterrupted grown-up chat and it is wonderful! This lady is my mother's sister and someone I've really enjoyed getting to know on an adult level over the years and we have some wonderful conversations. We call it therapy. :-) I'm not one for sitting on my duff doing nothing so I'll bring along a sock I'm knitting on or something to keep my hands busy while I run my mouth and she'll bring a crochet project to work on. In fact she taught me a couple crochet stitches! It's a wonderful break from the farm and kids and life really, and it's so nice to be silly, and giggle and tell stories, she's got some hilarious car stories let me tell you. We've both laughed so hard we had tears running down our faces! We've shared struggles and hardships and encouraged each other too. I look forward to our 'therapy sessions' each week and miss them in the summer when the AWANA club isn't meeting. My kids are going to age out of the group shortly but when that happens I'll have to find another way to continue therapy. We live over two hours apart so this is kind of a meet in the middle place. So tonight I'm thankful for my Aunt, her willingness to listen, (she's a great listener!) helpful wisdom and encouragement, love, all the great stories, and her friendship.

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  1. It's so unusual to find someone who will really listen. Most folks are forming an answer or allowing themselves to entertain other thoughts while you chat. That's what makes our "therrapy" sessions so enjoyable. When one is a good listener everyone talks to you but never listens to you. You are a great listener too my dear and the true reason I make it to our appointed Thursday destination each week. I love you. AC (AKA.......)


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