Tuesday, November 16, 2010

love and friendship

This picture; though it was taken several years ago, epitomizes Faith and Andrew and is a dear favorite of mine. I'm so thankful for the beautiful relationship between the two of them, I could not ask for a better one. When I was pregnant with Andrew and found out he was a boy I was shocked, I was certain I would have another daughter, then the shock turned into concern. Not that I was concerned about having a boy, I was excited about that, but concerned that Faith wouldn't have a little sister close to her age to play with and share secrets and clothes with. I never had a brother, so I had no idea of the beautiful bond that could form between a sister and brother. They are the happiest people I know. There was no reason for my concern at all, it was all figured out way beforehand and it amazes me. My first insight as to the beautiful friendship that would eventually be almost as strong as a mother and child was about a week or so after we brought Andrew home. Faith was only about 17 months old at the time, still very much a baby herself, but love knows no age. We were in the living room and I'd laid Andrew on the carpet on a blanket to stretch and wiggle and Faith was playing with her toys in the general area. I sat down in a recliner and just watched. Beaming as only a proud new mother of the most beautiful children on Earth could. Andrew stretched, wiggled and cooed for a bit then started fussing. Nothing awful, just a little bit. Faith heard it hurried over to him, scooched down and covered him up with another blanket that laid beside him. Then gently leaned over him kissed him and patted his belly and said 'It's ok." I had just witnessed the most pure act of love I'd ever seen and it filled my heart with such joy, I was sure my heart would pop! The tears flowed like a fountain, I glanced over at Ron and he too had witnessed it and with his chin quivering smiled at me in awe of the moment. It is one of those moments I'll never forget.


  1. They are truly amazing and loving children. This memory brought tears to my eyes all over again.

  2. Gotta love brotherly and sisterly love! What a wonderful memory to have. Thanks for sharing it. Faith and Andrew are great kids, and I love them too!

  3. LOVE the expression "Heart popping". Very accurate in how it feels at times!


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