Thursday, November 18, 2010

in a world gone mad

I am thankful for the quiet.

It's been one of those days where no matter what you do it seems like everything in the world is transpiring against you you suck you into the world that I'm certain has gone mad. I don't know what has happened to common sense, but I wish it would return.

I'm not trying to start a political debate, an argument or anything of the sort. I'm not asking for yours or sharing my political views. I don't have all the answers to the problems of the United States or the world, but neither do I believe anybody else does either. I'm pretty comfortable saying the new TSA 'security' measures would make me uncomfortable because I find it extremely invasive and don't believe it makes us any more safe than we'd be otherwise. Most of the people I've talked to feel the same way. Again, I don't have all the answers, but then I don't look to others to solve my problems either. I take responsibility for my actions and solve my own problems. That's not to say that I don't seek advice from those people whom I consider 'wise counsel' however if I choose to follow that advice and that advice was wrong I don't blame them. I'm an adult and in my world; that's not what adults do. (Or should I say that's not what adults are supposed to do.) Yet I'm finding it to be the case more and more and quite frankly I'm sick of it! When did we go from not being able to wait to "grow-up and be on our own," making our own way in the world and not "having people tell us what to do all the time" to thinking that we are incapable of taking care of ourselves, looking to other people or the government for all the answers and needing our hand held all the time to make it through life? C'mon people! Enough is ENOUGH! It makes me wonder how the early settlers and pioneers ever made it here, there was no one telling them what to do or how to do it, guaranteeing this, that and everything else, knowing that their survival was solely up to them. Sure some failed, some died and some went back home, but lots made it. Yes, it was scary, dangerous and hard work. It took lots of courage, tenacity and hope but isn't it worth it? Isn't that noble to have made it respectfully on your own? Families working together toward something, in my eyes is far more honorable that just having it handed to you.

Again, I'm not asking for political views here (or sharing mine) but I wanted to share with you what I consider to be a glimmer of hope that common sense has a chance to make a much welcome return.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video, especially the well stated remarks at the end. Thanks!


  1. A Thousand AMENS!

  2. haha!
    Well put! People need to take personal resonsibility for their own actions and therefore consequences! It is time to grow up!


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.