Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November

This is one of the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys we raised here this summer and seeing as it's November... they are headed out soon. I'm thankful today for the lessons I've learned raising all the broilers and these turkeys this summer. I'm thankful I am in a place and position that allows me to do this and raise them in a way that allows them to be what they were created to be. Trying to work with nature instead of against it. These turkeys were pastured and allowed to eat bugs, grubs, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers that had grown too large and seedy for us, grass, weed seeds and a variety of other turkey delicacies. I hope they've had a good life and I'm thankful that I'm able to provide turkey to my family and friends a bird that has had a good life and hopefully it'll grace their Thanksgiving table as a reminder that it is a good life we all have.
** This picture was taken last night by Ron. I'd been outside most of the day wrapping up details before winter arrives and settles in like a snake bite. It had been spitting snow off and on all day it it was COLD!! Normally my face is not bright red and I don't normally walk around with a Rudolpfesque nose.


  1. YUM.....Is that Huck!? or Tom?
    if they are as good as this last batch of broilers ,then I can"t wait fot Thankgiving!

  2. My turkeys will be heading in soon as well! Cheers to ethically raised turkey!


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