Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank You Veterans and Active Duty

I'm writing this tonight while waiting for the election results to start trickling in (hoping the candidates I voted for win, though they seldom do.) and thinking that today I'm thankful for our Armed Forces. Those brave men and women who take up arms and defend this great nation. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and willingness to put yourselves in harms way to keep our country safe. To the families whom you love and miss you desperately when you're away, those that worry about you and pray for you, and rejoice when you return or mourn the loss if you do not, I thank you too. We owe our liberty and freedom to you and those whom have served before you, and simply saying thank you does not seem adequate for all that you do or have done, so I humbly say thank you and say a prayer for your safety tonight and all other nights you are in harms way. May you all return home to those you left behind and those of us who deeply appreciate your effort. You make this great nation proud!

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