Saturday, November 13, 2010

never thought this would be me!

And yet I'm very thankful I can.


  1. Great picture- it's an important skill for both men AND women!

  2. That's you and your D.D. shooting without hearing gear? Or did you just chuck one of those turkey necks up in the air and shout "FIRE!"? After the day you had, don't blame you! What a beautiful day to be in the neighborhood today, thanks to you and yours for the help cart the 2 turkeys across the road a piece! Thankful for you, your family and the talent to raise such fine polite kids that I adore.

    "Bake" and Roast" are in the freezer now. I am sure it will be tasty turkey meal or 2 in my home soon. Thanks again for all your kindness.

  3. Go for your concealed weapons permit too. I've never taken my weapon off my property since my NRA class 3 years ago but I could carry if I wanted to. The NRA class is very good too and you don't have to join the organization either. For me, some of the rhetoric is over the top but they do know guns and gun safety and that is pretty important.


So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.