Sunday, November 21, 2010

Momma D's Mack Daddy

I love my truck. As crazy as that sounds, it's true, I love my truck! It's fun to drive, roomy enough for the kids in the backseat and all that they need to bring along where ever we go, and it sits up high enough so they don't get carsick in; unlike Ron's car. Maybe it's an illusion, but I feel so much safer when I drive my truck verses the car too. It's been handy to have especially when needing to transport pigs, goats, turkeys, or chickens from point a to b. One time last year on my way home during a wicked snowstorm I skidded off the road an onto a front lawn! Boy was I glad to have 4WD to get out of that mess! Fortunately I was driving slowly and cautiously, nobody was hurt and there was no damage done to anything. I'm thankful to have a truck like this and I'm even more thankful it's almost paid off!

*It' got it's name via my mother and my sister, kind of a combo thing.


  1. Real Maine women have a truck or SUV.

  2. LOL! I cannot wait to have a duelie diesel!

  3. It is strange memory that kicked in when reading this post, I used to get carsick going from one town to the next, like Madison to Skowhegan in a regular passenger car...less than 5 miles! But when in the big moving van rig that I rode in with my Dad as a kid moving from Michigan to Maine at 4 years old...I was not sick! Not once the whole way! WEIRD!

    Oh the duelie, your DREAM vehicle or what?! If ever there was one person that needed a big RAM DUELIE, it is YOU! With an optional rear window washer perhaps? *truly needed*

  4. Yes, a rear window washer indeed, if for no other reason than to wash off the pig poo that's smeared on there, oh, wait, that's the current rear window!


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