Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a chicken post...

This weekend is official time when it's "safe" to plant your garden where I live and I did my part in the annual tradition but spending most of the weekend in my garden. To say that it was in a depressing state if disarray is a gross understatement! Weeds in some places were up to me knees! (Well, in all fairness to the weeds, I have short legs.) It's so much easier to weed when you've got the motivation of loads of company coming to the the farm and the weeds are big enough to have something to hang on to and when you give a good yank the whole damn thing is ripped out of the ground! Only then is weeding that satisfying. It's done, thankfully, the kids and I are tired, covered in dirt, and so excited to see how the garden does this year. We're hoping that the late blight that wiped out all out tomatoes and potatoes last year will not return and that if it all comes in that we'll be eating like kings!

Since the broilers are being housed so close to the garden and nothing significant had been planted yet I thought it would be ok to let them out and knew they wouldn't wander off. Well, shortly after they came out, this little guy came over to "help."

*Mom, I felt like asking him to go vacuum he was so much help!

He was a smart one though, he knew I'd be the one doing all the work and he'd have to just stand there and eat the worms, bugs and well, whatever else he was eating that had just been unearthed. A few others joined him later, but all together they were too much help and had to be shooed off.


  1. Glad you can get your garden in the ground soon, it is the most exciting feeling to see the first sprouts coming up. Heres to a healthy harvest!!

  2. You sure have some happy healthy little broilers! Glad you have your garden going in! It is so rewarding to walk by daily and see its progress, let alone dreaming of the bountiful goodness it will yeild to you in a few short weeks.

  3. Thanks! I think for the first time raising them I'm doing alright and they seem good. Eating me out of house and home, but doing well. I think one of them thinks he's a songbird as his noise that he makes is so different than the others.

    I'm glad to have the garden in as well, it feels great and a job well done. I'll try to post pics later, and then again after it's up and growing.


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