Friday, May 28, 2010

new digs for the pigs

After the kids and I moved them out there and they were back together (after being separated for about 10 minutes for the move) they grunted around with their noses in the ground like kids in a candy shop! So happy with tails wagging and making the happiest little pig noises imaginable!


  1. What kind of pigs are they?? I love the ears on them, I have Yorkshires but really would like to find a heritage breed to raise. Great picture.
    I sold two of my male piggies at the critter auction on Saturday night for $50 each, I was happy with that. Hope the rest do as well.

  2. Welcome back Laura! As far as I know they are landrace/hampshire crosses. I too love the ears, they are too cute! I think a heritage breed would be great to raise, hard to find, but totally worth looking into.


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