Monday, May 10, 2010

just chillin' with my peeps!

Lots going on, must be spring on a farm. First last week, the chicks, (broilers and replacement layers) I ordered before we all the eggs started hatching out arrived. So far we've only lost 1 broiler, but it was because the place where the yolk gets absorbed into it stomach before hatching got infected because it didn't heal properly. It passed away in my hand, I tried to help it like I did the other one but it just kept gasping for air and I knew death was eminent. I cannot believe how fast the broilers are growing! Literally like weeds!

I cannot explain how amazing it felt to hold these little baby chicks in my hand and know that one will provide nice healthy meat for my husband and the other will provide us with delicious fresh eggs. I realize it may seem contrary for a vegetarian to raise meat but that is fine with me, I love it, it keeps those I'm close to guessing! Besides, I know how these birds will be raised and what they were fed but also know what they were not fed! Knowing this meat will be healthier for my husband makes it alright with me to raise it.

Jersey Giant or penguin?

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  1. and your hopefully healthier husband loves you for all you do!


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