Tuesday, May 11, 2010

too funny not to share

So the peeps are hilarious! The layers are trying to fly and get a pretty good running start and land on the pile of sleeping chicks, who in turn wake up and stumble around puffing out their chests and mock fighting. None of them really have any idea what they are doing but it sure is fun to watch. An episode of 'farm t.v.' I have not seen.

On another note, I wanted to know how much bigger the broilers were than the layers, since they seem to literally be growing in front of my eyes. I got out the scale and weighed one, they all started out at the same size, well, the layer weighed in at 2 1/4 oz. but the broiler weighed in at 4oz! (I marked it so that I could continue to see the progress.) I'm positive I could find a slightly larger bird, but was just amazed by the fact that it was nearly double the size of the layer! I shouldn't really be as all those birds do is eat, sleep and POOP!

One more note, we've got 5+ chicks hatching right now, I'll post a picture of the newbies once they arrive.

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