Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knit's brood

She's up to seven and there are two more eggs that could possibly hatch, though I doubt they will, there has not been any peeping or tapping from them. Well, heck, I honestly didn't think any of these would hatch as I figured they'd gotten way too cold during the cold snap, huh guess that will teach me! I think it's really neat that she's got some that are mostly black, as she's all black and is not biologically related to these and the other hen has mostly spotted chicks and is a spotted hen! Chance or forethought? Since this hen isn't the hen that I originally thought would set on the nest I don't believe it's chance. But that's just me!

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  1. mommyof4 thinks the pics are too cute of the chicks.I think my broody hen would LOVE to be a mommy too.


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