Monday, May 3, 2010


Last week was insanely busy, but awesome just the same one reason being the kids got to pick out their calves Andrew is over. the. moon. excited! Actually I'm not really even sure if that is accurate enough. Faith is excited too, but Andrew lives for cows. And a Holstein? are you kidding me?! Faith's calf just happened to be born on her birthday, this past year, so she's excited about that and thinks it's pretty cool. This is her below.

And here is Andrew's calf, she was born in March, so she's not too much younger than the other one but this way they don't have to compete against each other in the 4-H shows.

One very happy boy. In fact on the way to the farm Faith asked how he was going to choose, his answer was "The calf is just going to walk up to me and I to it, that's how we work." Any questions?


  1. oh Andrew "that's how we work"....are you kidding me???????????........ A TRUE Andrew-ism......................................

  2. That is just awesome. He is such a cool kid.


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