Friday, June 4, 2010


In my family I'm known as the picture taking fool, alright, just the fool. One sister takes pictures and doesn't develop them, and my other sister rarely takes pictures so for her I started a chant for her to start saying before she leaves the house; kid, keys, camera, so that when she goes somewhere she'll have the camera and when an opportunity arises she'll be prepared. Since coming up with that for her I need to add click to the chant as even though she has the camera she needs to be gently reminded to use it. Well, this is part of the reason I'm known as the picture taking fool. Almost every morning this week we've seen some sort of wildlife on our way to or from the dairy barn.

First it was this family of Canadian geese, there were 3 other families of geese in this field, but only captured this one.

Second was this huge snapping turtle laying eggs on the side of the road. Literally the side, as you can see the road that is fairly busy there in the picture. So she doesn't get points for being smart, but she got the job done. On our way back home I stopped so the kids could see the nest. We didn't disturb it, they just wanted to see what it looked like after she left.

Faith and Andrew near the nest.
Third, since March of 2005, (when we got this digital camera) I've taken well over 17,700 pictures. When I told my mother that she jokingly asked me if I missed one second of them blinking or something. Then I told her that that did not include any of the pictures that had been deleted, the pictures from the other digital camera that we had before this one or any of the pictures that were taken with film! Yes, I am rightly called the picture taking fool, but if my memory fails me when I'm old, at least my children can look back at their lives and see what they did even if I cannot recall it. God forbid that should happen...

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