Friday, June 25, 2010

a first of many

I remember well when Faith turned one that feeling of great sadness thinking well, that was it, no more firsts; being thankful that I'd been there for pretty much every single one up to that point, but just couldn't help feeling sad about it. I could not have been more wrong, granted there was only one first birthday, Christmas, mosquito bite, (yes, I recorded that) etc., but I did not realize that there would be so many other firsts I'd not be able to count them all and I'll tell you I'm enjoying all, (well, if I'm being honest, most) of them now. Tonight was a perfect example of one of those firsts. We had the privilege of listening to a nationally known musician and composer play the Leipzig Chorales from Bach at this Basilica! What an honor! I had been dying to go into this building since I first saw it but wasn't sure I could, however when this concert came up we jumped at the chance! I told the kids what we were doing this morning and they spent the rest of the day in eager anticipation. Excited they would now be attending their first "real" concert.

This building is more grand than anything I've ever seen, and probably ever will. I've heard tell that the lighthouses along Americas coasts are the equivalent to the castles in Europe, personally I've not been able to wrap my head around that concept despite seeing some beautiful lighthouses, but that's what they say. (Someday, I'm going to figure out who they are and ask them what makes them the final authority on everything.) Anyway, the architecture of this building is exquisitely ornate and incomprehensible. It towers over all the other buildings in the area and demands you look at whenever you drive past. It is truly magnificent and tonight I got to go inside!

When Faith was about three years old she'd take a pair of scissors and cut slits in the long side of a piece of copy paper and place it in front of her and look at me face beaming and proclaim "Look-a me Mommy! I pray de pinano!" When she was a bit older I took her to an event I was volunteering at and there happened to be a lady who was playing the piano, Faith took to her like a duck to water, this lady also took to Faith! She asked her if she wanted to go have a look at the pipe organ that was in the front of the church and Faith nodded, off they went. From that day on she has loved the organ. Currently she's taking piano lessons and has now for 4-5 years now, I think when her legs are long enough to reach the pedals of the organ that will become her instrument.

Both of my children love classical music, Andrew especially enjoys Mozart. He too plays the piano and for his recital next May really wants to play "Fur Elise" I think it's extremely ambitious, but also know that if anybody his age could do it it would be him! After all he played Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven this year. You know, da da da daaaaaaaa, da da da daaaaaaaa I cannot tell you how proud I was what during the concert tonight both of them stated to me that they recognised different pieces that were played. Talk about a heart pop! (A moment when your heart is so full of joy that it feels as if it might actually pop.)

The Basilica
Faith and Andrew walking in, both in awe, I mean eyes popping and mouths hanging open as if they were trying to catch flies!

inside. It was breathtaking! I too was gawking in amazement feeling like a 7 year old who'd just been told to pick anything at F.A.O. Schwartz! Between the building, being there with my children experiencing another first with them, and the music I was speechless, a rarity for certain.
Faith and Andrew hearing the first notes being played. Some of the pipes had just been replaced, some of which were 34 foot pipes! Talk about an impression!

After all was said and done and the last of the 17 pieces were played we got to meet the musician and he took a few of us upstairs to see the console. He talked a bit about it and gave a demonstration, up close and personal. Rarely am I speechless, it's even rarer that Andrew is speechless, tonight was one of those occasions and for good reason, this thing is amazing! I'm certain if I did nothing else ever again and only spent my time learning to play this I would not be successful, so many keys for your hands and feet, then all the buttons and levers and switches and the coordination needed to get it to sing! WOW! Did I mention he's one of the youngest people to ever play all of Bach's music written for the organ?! Few people have done it in a lifetime, he's doing it in a year. We met a very talented young man tonight!
On the way home all three of us said we'd love to listen to him play again and again and again.


  1. WOW!! This place looks huge and WOW!!! I'd like to go and check it out too. Glad you got to go and see it and here great music too.


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