Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pastured pork

Ahhhh, two HUGE extremely time consuming projects (hence the lack of posts this week...) done and I can now devote the time needed to other projects that need attention. What a welcome relief that is! One of those other projects was to move the pigs, again. Well that project got moved up to top priority today. Andrew and I returned home this afternoon only to find one of the two pigs was greeting us by the garage. I didn't see it at first, he did and my first reaction was oh crap! (Tying to keep it clean.) Then I thought I was in for a chase, turns out she was quite content following me back to the pen they were in. Upon inspection I found no reason for her to be out, still have no idea how it happened, but there she was following me around like a puppy tail wagging and making happy little grunting noises. Well, since I was thinking about moving the pig pen anyway and one is already out..... it seemed obvious to let the other one out. So we had two happy little, er, well not so little anymore! pigs running around the farm today while Andrew and I moved the pig pen to a fresh spot. Thank God for wellies! When the new pen was set up and ready to go they walked right in and promptly started squealing, eating, rolling, playing and rooting. Pigs' tails have never wagged so fast, well, except maybe on Joel Salatin's farm. :-) I was so pleased at their innate happiness I sat down to watch them, yes, in the pig pen! What a concept, letting a pig be a pig!

Freedom and Bethany enjoying their new digs.

Delighting in the happiness of our pigs.

Letting a pig be a pig! Wonderful concept! Almost like it was meant to be like that way huh?!

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