Tuesday, June 15, 2010

damn stupid tax!

If I were not paying "stupid tax" I'd be team penning in the weekends! There is a place right up the road from me where our local team penning group practices and I'd be there all the time if it weren't for the stupid tax we're working on, ugh! Until that time I guess I'll have to practice with the goats, they didn't mind too bad! Andrew and I then Faith and I took turns team penning the goats this glorious afternoon and what fun! It was also very motivational, it only made me want even more to get the "stupid tax" paid off so the kids and I can do this while Ron will be out on his 4-wheeler. I think I'll print off one of these pictures to remind me and keep me motivated.

*These pictures were taken by Faith.

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So what's the view from your world about that? I'd enjoy hearing it.