Monday, June 14, 2010

peony's are under rated

I may have mentioned before that I love flowers; really love them, that's why I was so crushed when the goats ate my irises this year. It was completely my fault, but was crushed just the same. I also happen to think peony's are under rated and under appreciated. First of all, the foliage is stunning and the proud little blossoms that are no bigger than an avocado seed stand so tall then explode into a grapefruit sized blossom with a fragrance that'll leave you breathless. Seriously, why have these been overlooked, the actual blossom is very long lasting when cut and placed in a vase on the table. And did I mention the smell; it's as intoxicating to a florist as second crop hay is to a farmer! Oh mercy! I wonder why more people don't have them in their gardens.

I don't know what it is about this particular color flower that is so stunning to me, there's something to be said for the gobsmacking color that most flowers achieve, but the simplicity of a champagne colored flower mystifies me.

How's that for a burst of color?!
Whenever I see peony's it reminds me of my grandmother, she had such a wonderfully scented flower garden; hyacinth, daffodils, peony and lilac adorned her garden and she would always let us pick a flower to take home with us. She'd carefully wrap the stem with a wet paper towel and put it in a sandwich bag for the long ride home. I don't ever remember getting them home to a vase, but I remember the scent of the garden. My garden will always have a large bunch of yellow daffodils and peony's and a warm memory of my grandmother.


  1. I second your love of the peony! We have little bushes of them that come up in our yard year after year and they have never disappointed! I know summer is right around the corner when I look out and see their beautiful bright splashes of color against the greeness of the grass and other foliage.

  2. Barb, the gruntFriday, June 18, 2010

    I too have a love of peonies! I remember as a 9 year old girl picking one for my oldest sister. For the eve of her High School graduation, a gift from me! I have been mystified by the texture, the overall color patterns never cease to thrill and that scent, oh my, GLORIOUS! I need to obtain some peony "eyes" one of these days. I have gone too long without the June burst of color, scent and much loved memories to build upon. Thanks Twistie for the walk down memory lane and your pictures of an adored flower.


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