Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Lots of Love"

At age 5 Faith and I were sitting on the couch watching the local news one evening when a story about a young girl who'd just cut her hair off for Locks of Love was being told. She watched intently and after the story was over she turned to me and said she'd like to do that. So she decided to do just that! She's done it three times now, meaning she's donated over three feet of her hair to what at 5 years old she thought was "lots of love" and it's stuck. I'm SO proud of her for not only doing it once, but three times now. What a great girl!

2010 before...
...it's a threepeat!

2008 before...

2007 before... (her first donation)
...over a foot of hair!
You make me so proud Faith!


  1. So cool! I've done similar but not for Locks of Love - although I thought it was at the time. ;-) They take smaller lengths but at least 5 inches I think. I've done this 4-5 times now (one reason I went so short last year).

  2. Faith, we are so proud of you for seeing a need at such a young age, and doing something about it. And for sticking to it for 5 years to accomplish it!!!! ........Many adults can't stick to something that long. Thanks for making a big difference in at least 3 peoples' lives! WE love you very much. Nana & Papa

  3. at-ta girl Faith!

  4. I love that!
    My daughter donated 13 inches last year to Locks of Love and we were so proud of her.
    It's so great when kids come up with their own ways of making a difference.
    Way to go, Faith!

  5. What a wonderful thing to do. What a kind, sweet girl to think it, and do it. And what a good set of parents to raise a child to know instinctively that that is something they WANT to do. We need more of all that in our world.


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