Thursday, June 17, 2010

lookee here at what I won!

I'm so psyched, one of the blogs I read frequently is Harvest Kitchen Sisters and I highly recommend you go check it out, it's great blog and done differently than other blogs I've read. It's written by two sisters, one that lives in the country on a farm and one in the city and they both write about similar experiences but from a different prospective, it's neat. Well, they had a 100th post contest the other day and I entered and won! WOW, that never happens! When I got the mail today it had arrived, I was on my way into town with much to do today, but I desperately wanted to stop and start reading. I flipped through the book and the first section is about turkeys, which just happened to be one of the things I was doing in town today, picking up our day old turkey poults. After dinner tonight and before the barn chores were started I knew I had to check it out. The kids were outside riding their bikes and I headed to the hammock, book in hand. I'd devoured the first chapter and by the time I was done with it Andrew had crawled into the hammock with me and I read it aloud to him. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.
The authors description of her first turkeys was written well, stating that they were similar to the chicks but seemingly on acid. Our turkeys seem very awkward and lack coordination. Lack fine motor skills, lack something, that's for sure. They are however fun to watch. I understand there is an interesting part about pigs as well which I'm looking forward to reading. Thank you Harvest Kitchen Sisters for the contest and the book!


  1. da betta not b on no acid,'cause 1 ah dem da-ah birds is a gonna be mine!

  2. Please post your thoughts on the book when you finish it. I am always looking for a motivating or informative read. Congrats!!

  3. Thank you for reading our blog so readily! So glad you got the book.

    Enjoy the read!

    Laura and Amelia

  4. no worries, no acid here, just water and organic grain, then grass later!

    will do Laura, but in the mean time have you read "You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin, I've just picked up a copy at the library and started reading it this week. So far really hard to put down.

    Was delighted the book arrived on the same day as the turkeys and the first section was about her first delivery of her "homesteaders delight."


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