Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something finished this way comes!!

Yesterday I posted the beginning of this project, this hat. Like I said yesterday, I've been trying out some new skills and knitting techniques learned be reading knitting for dummies. One of them was the moss stitch, when I did it in the practice swatch I thought, "This would look nice as the brim of a hat." So I made one. I'd already made a rolled brim hat from a pattern that my grandmother had given me and modified it slightly into the button flap hat you see below.

This was my first attempt with circular needles, interesting, I think I'd like it with a bit more practice.
the finished product!!

Faith modeling the hat, not too bad.
*It's not as warm as I'd like, it's acrylic, but for this it's ok and I used what I had on hand.

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