Sunday, January 31, 2010

Andrew's Heaven

After spending the afternoon snowshoeing and being outside, the last place most people would want to go it to help do barn chores in a cow barn, not Andrew. He has been after me to let him have a cow for what seems like forever, (at age 7 he opened a saving account to save his money for one!) and I fully intend for him to have one, but he needs to be a bit stronger and older first. Well, a local farmer and friend invited him over to help with the feeding tonight. By the look on his face you'd have thought I'd just given him a cow! He was going to be able to be near them and for that minute it was enough, he was happy and so was I, for him.

The farm we went to has Scottish Highland cows and Holstein heifers, the Holsteins just happen to be Andrews favorite!! though Texas Longhorns are a very close second. They walked out into the pasture to feed the Highlands, pictured below.

Before they came into the heifer barn they had to slide down the frozen manure pile! What?! not your idea of fun either?!
Andrew inside feeding the Holsteins hay, making sure he did it exactly like the farmer showed him.

Trying not covet, having a really hard time not to.

He was even allowed to grain them. as you can see the girls knew what was happening and wanted him to hurry! Andrew will sleep well tonight and have sweet dreams I'm sure. Sweet in this case is perspective, after we got home he didn't take his jacket off because it smelled like the cows. I'm positive he'll ask to wear it to bed.

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