Thursday, January 14, 2010

soapbox - apple juice

I opened a frozen juice concentrate yesterday and happened to notice that the silver metal top said that it was a product of China, (to make us feel better about it maybe it did say that it was packaged in USA....ooohhh) much to my disappointment; had I seen that when I purchased it I would have put it back in the freezer case at the supermarket. Seriously?! China! Please let me say that I have nothing personally against China, I just want to support American companies, or produce my own, call me crazy, (oh that's right some of you do already!) I live in New England and in the fall what is New England known for, well, besides the fall foliage.....yes, we're known for pumpkins and hay wagon rides to the orchards to pick APPLES!! At the place we go they serve hot spiced apple cider and I'll admit that I've had a number of other ciders in my day and this place is the BEST! My parents even shipped some to me when I lived out West because it truly is the best and I couldn't get it there and there is NO comparison. I digress, well sort of. Making juice yesterday made me think why are we not producing enough of our own apple juice or cider here so that we have enough to make it through a year? Or are we and we just prefer the "convenience" of the supermarket until they drive out competition then hike the prices because they can? All the while standing by and hoping what we know is happening really isn't.

Meanwhile, I've realized that since there really is no comparison why was I buying the frozen concentrate anyway? It's watery, odd colored, (which made me think what did they do to it that makes it look like that anyway?) and really doesn't taste all that great. I've decided that although it may be a bit more effort and require a bit more planning that buying apple cider to which, as I've stated there is no comparison is worth it! Let's raise a glass of cider to toast local!

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  1. Barb, the grunt!Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Go LOCAL Twistie! Please put apple cider jug (or several) in the freezer! I do open and remove just about a half cup before freezing the jug in the Autumn for expansion. Once the Winter winds and snow are upon us, I pull out a jug on my birthday in January, thaw, then sip that mouth watering LOCAL liquid as a present to me!! AH, pure heaven! Amen to the fine farmers here in New England and pledge yourself to make the endeavor to obtain that unsurpassed God given liquid we love. LOCAL Apple cider, pure heaven on earth!


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