Sunday, January 9, 2011

you know you want some

Ahhhh there, that's better. I've been without a camera, mouse and computer for far too long! To make a long story short, problem fixed, thanks to a computer savvy husband and a new mouse, er well two new mice(?) but anyway, I'm back!
So, back to this post, well as you can see we've got alpacas and that means fiber, loads of it! (Not til spring obviously, as it's still on the hoof!) In addition to the alpacas, the llama, the two fiber goats (and the angora bunny I've been asked to take in...) I'd say we'll likely have enough to share. Ya interested? Details on the way.


  1. look at all those boys!! makes me want to dig my spinning wheel out, dust it off and get spinning!! come on spring!!

  2. Again, YES! I have wool carders on my ebay watch list right now, and a drop spindle. One of my best hs memories was when my art teacher taught me how to card wool roving, and then make a drop spindle out of a potato and knitting needle. I made my own yarn, and then created some weaving picture out of it. The picture wasn't important to me, but the carding and hand spinning was.The memory of that has never left me and I'd like to do it again. Shoot me an email with details on this new project!

  3. I have alway wanted to try my hand a spinning with a drop spindle. It doesn't look to hard. The alpacas colors are so pretty! Well it looks like you have your hands full. with all the new animals. I bet your pretty happy right now.



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