Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Fun Day!

Once again this year the land stewards of a land trust hosted a family fun day, an afternoon of skiing, snowshoeing, friends, neighbors, hot chocolate and good times. The kids and I had been looking forward to this since last year and were excited to see it posted in our local town newspaper. Once we saw it in there we marked it on the calendar and were thankful for the sunny day. It was not warm by any stretch of the imagination be we bundled up and headed out. In fact I'd raced into town to get a pair of snowshoes that I could comfortable walk in in order to go. This is such a nice parcel of land and lots of different trails to poke around with lots of history too. We spent a few hours outside in the fresh (and freezing cold) air and sunshine. Upon returning to the trail head we were offered hot chocolate and warmed ourselves by the bonfire, I chatted with some friends and our children played together. We were invited to their home after the family fun day was over and Andrew pleaded for me to go as he could help them with the evening barn chores and the milking. I obliged and made him very happy. It's a nice thing when helping a friend do the barn chores makes my son happy.

That is some might delicious hot chocolate!


  1. Always crave hot chocolate on these wintery type days such as this day was. The sweet brew that infuses my inner antifreeze!HOT CHOCOLATE rules! That and good wooley jumpers & a fur Fudd hat!

    Glad you had fun in the beautiful....AYUH, State o' Maine....dear friend, what is this talk about Montana?!?!?


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