Saturday, January 22, 2011

I CANNOT wait!

I simply cannot wait for the little pitter patter of hoofbeats around the farm again, it's been nearly two years and I am ready! I was playing with the kids in the yard yesterday and brought Katie and Buckley out to play with us too, Katie decided while I was sitting on the ground to walk by me and stuck her butt in my face. Ordinarily I would not have been impressed, however in this case I was able to see her teats. She would not stand for the buck when I took her to be bred, but in all fairness Katie never stands still, she's always acted like a hyperactive kid on Redbull, but he did mount her. I've not been watching her for signs of pregnancy since I didn't think 'it' happened but after seeing a change in her teats I've got my doubts that 'it' didn't happen. This might explain when she never seemed to come back into heat! I may have met my breeding goal this year after all! I'm hopeful that 'it' happened, but not sure one way or the other, so I'll be watching her more closely now and will keep you posted! This is exciting! We may just have two momma goats kidding here this spring after all! I know Strawberry is due either the 4th or 5 of April, I cannot remember right this minute, but I'm really hoping she goes early, like on the first so I can call one Foolish!

I love love love this video, it was taken early in the morning the day after the kids were born and Andrew had just woken and wanted to help feed the goats. I love his sleepy eyed, scratchy voiced, bed headed, toothless delight! And Buckley is pretty cute too.

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