Friday, January 28, 2011

Who'da thunk?

That this beautiful, tasty oil with MANY health benefits would come from...

...these beautiful flowers!

One of the farmers here in town grow acres and acres of sunflowers and when the time is just right and they are all in full bloom I'd say it's probably as beautiful as the tulips in the Netherlands! It's magnificent! Anyway, one of the reasons these farmers grow this quantity of sunflowers is to use in their tractors and another is to make that beautiful sunflower oil. While at one of those farmers home this weekend I inquired about it and he sent me home with a sample, he's a wise business man, he knew once I tried it I'd be back for more, this stuff is awesome and I'm thinking about trying to incorporate it into my soap as it's great for skin!


  1. Have you ever cooked with it? I have and it changes the taste of the food. Made my chocolate cake have a sunflowerey taste to it. :( I guess it must be an aquired taste. What do you think?

  2. I have and I like it, makes a great stirfry oil too!

  3. Barb, the grunt!Monday, January 31, 2011

    Oh I would LOVE that in the soap you make! The one of the best reason to watch the Tour De France bike race besides the race itself is for the fields and fields of sunflowers. The wonderful TV shots from the helicopter! I thought of stir fry oil too. I love sunflowers!


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