Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What is it about the descriptions in a seed catalog that makes us feel like we can grow anything?

I'm ready for Spring how about you?

**I say this but I'm really enjoying the snowstorm we're getting right now, (and the restful, quiet, downtime that winter provides) as it's the first real snow we've had this winter. Tomorrow however I'll not be so happy about it as that's when the real cleanup happens, and it requires more than a pig trail to the barn! All this being said if Spring were to arrive tomorrow I'd be a happy woman!


  1. I'm not quite ready for spring yet. Mid March would be a great time to have the snow gone and the garden ready for those early crops. The new poults and chicks would be here. The baby buns would be weaned. What a pipe dream for anyone living in Maine. Shall we settle for April?

  2. I've banned myself from reading the seed catalogues piled on my endtable while I have a bottle of wine open. I get drunk and make wildly inappropriate seed lists. I need an intervention.

    That said, I'm not ready for spring quite yet. I could do with some more hard winter weather to freeze up the mud and kill off any remaining pests in the greenhouse. I'll enjoy that first warm spring day when it comes though.

  3. LMAO Jennifer "wildly inappropriate seed lists" I laugh because I'm right there with ya! You, I and another frequent commenter should meet, well perhaps it's better we all live so far apart, we'd have too much fun and oh what a ruckus we could cause!

    If I only had the room to grow all that I'd like to grow.

  4. Ah yes, a bottle of Pinot Noir two weeks ago, and by the last drops , I had a seed list of ALL Heirloom seeds, from some really expensive and cool looking seed book thing, and a garden that far exceeded the size of my yard, never mind my garden plot. Hmmm. Scaled back by about 3/4, and let's go with plants I might have a PRAYER of growing, like Walmart pepper and tomato plants, as opposed to $5.95 for two Star and Moon watermelon seeds that would NEVER grow in my dirt and climate...
    I laughed out loud at this post, and Jennifer's comment. I thought I was the ONLY one who did this! Winter? Nope, not done with it in my heart yet. Not until I get at least one good snow day out of it. Then, as soon as that happens, good bye winter.

  5. Oh dear. An open bottle of wine and a seed catalog? Very expensive combination even if the wine isn't. We should get together.

  6. I thought I was the only one that used seed catalogs as mental health brain wipes! Oh, a good seed catalog, purring cat on the lap and dreams of fresh veggies! OH MY!

    The wind is howling during this recent snowstorm...Yes, those extra fluffy over alls are the bomb! Until my husband wants them back.sigh. He already has the one piece brown garbed "I'll take your 20 below with winds howling" Maine friendly & much requested, some required all purpose snow suit thingy. Finest Kind!

    Really Twistie, you look good in your new brown is the bomb overalls! Only you can make it a fashion item! Be careful on that roof please....


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