Thursday, September 23, 2010

what? a year? already?!

How did that happen?! I've been blogging for a year today! So in honor of that milestone and in the tradition of Harvest Kitchen Sisters I'm celebrating that with a give away! I won this book from the sisters and want to continue passing it along, so here's the deal...
To enter, leave me a comment, let me know what you think of the blog and how well do you know me. My profile quotes a lyric from a favorite song, saying that "You don't have to guess what I'm against if you know what I stand for." So what do I stand for? Against? How well have I articulated my life with out spelling out every detail? I'll pick the most accurate or my favorite comment. I'll announce the winner Sunday night.

There, that's taken care of, now I want to thank you. I'm honored that you read my blog, I really wasn't sure anybody would when I started, but did it anyway, thinking it would be a nice way to keep track of things that happen here or what have you. Those of you who comment regularly seem more like friends, it amazes me to think you can 'get' someone you've never met. To those of you that follow me, thank you. I'm flattered that some of you enjoy reading about my crazy life to tune in regularly. To Lisa, thank you for encouraging me to start this crazy, liberating, venting, honest blog. To Ron, thank you for completing me. And to Faith and Andrew, thank you for choosing me and being such amazing children, and especially for the joy you bring to my life daily.


  1. Yeah! A year! ;-) Congrats! It's a great milestone. I love reading your blog. Since I know you IRL - it's fun reading since I can hear you say all this. You are the same IRL as you are on your blog. (not trying to win actually - just wanted to congrat you on your milestone!)

  2. I want to win that book!, and I think I remember when you won the book. How fast time flies. I am glad you started you blog, I have enjoyed it so much.

  3. I can't believe I'm the first to enter your contest! But here goes, you, Twistie, are an adventure waiting to happen! You have strong beliefs about many things, and will usually say what's on your mind, whether to agree ,or make you're opinion heard. If someone tells you NOT to do something, or, that you CAN'T do it, look out!!! You also have a strong passion for life, fairness, gratitude, family, home, God's creative beauty, manners, right and wrong. You have a strong mind, back, and heart, boundless energy, and are willing to try MOST things, once. Your creativity and Yankee ingenuity, and your ability to see something, and re-create it, amazes me constantly. Plus, you are doing a fabulous job homeschooling, and raising your kids, while you are running your mis-fit farm, and always looking for the next way to add to the family cash flow.

  4. Congratulations on your blog's birthday. I've only been a follower for about two months but I thorougly enjoyed living your haying, preparing for the fair and wonderful day in the saddle vicariously. I think you stand for self sufficiency, giving back, family values,not in the political jargon sense, deriving pleasure from what some might view as nothing, and in general enjoying life as it unfolds. I'm not sure I've seen your articulation of what you're against however I would be willing to bet one thing would be over materialization of life with all of the inherent pitfalls.

  5. Honestly, it has been an honor to get to "know" you. I find you refreshing and your outlook is fabulous. I have followed your blog since I first bought your soap. So, not only have you cured my hands, you have brightened my heart. Therefore, the thanks goes to you!


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