Tuesday, September 21, 2010

not on my list

You know 'the list' you make while growing up of things that you'd like to do, think you'll do or to have happen to you? I've got lots of things on that list but I can tell you one thing that is NOT, being mounted by an 800+- pound heifer in heat, nope not even a little bit on that list. Yes folks you read that correctly, I was mounted be a heifer in heat. This week we've been at the county fair and yesterday while helping get ready for shows yesterday and today I was delegated to gopher, as in "Go fer this calf or that cow." etc. taking them back and forth between the barn and wash rack. No biggie right? Well that's what I thought until I innocently leaned slightly over to untie one amorous heifer and next thing I know.... up and away she went! One of the owners came to my aid swiftly and I was not injured, thankfully. I can only imagine the E.R. visit and having to explain that! And fortunately it was me and not one of the 4-Hers. That would have been very bad. I'm told that they are only typically in what is considered "standing heat" for 18 hours and would be fine to work with today, after our encounter yesterday I was slightly skeptical. She was, in fact she was totally over it today, back to herself and as she walked by me headed to the show ring she didn't even glance my way or say "Hi!" I guess I was just a fling! ;-)


  1. I know what you mean, that happened to me twice. It is hard to avoid when both my hands were full with buckets of feed. When I told my husband it happened( since he seen I was ok) he sorta got a little chuckle out of it till I made him take over those feeding duties and one day it happened to him, he wasn't chuckling then.

  2. LOL!!!
    Oh no I hope that doesn't happen to me with my cow! I love her and all, but not that much!!
    Only you Twistie!!

  3. LOL!
    I'll bet you're glad it wasn't a BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think it happens to anyone who is around cows for very long. What a surprise the first time though


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