Monday, September 27, 2010

and the winner is.........

.......drum roll please............doglady!! Congratulations to you! I'll ship it out to the next time I go into town. It is also my hope that you'll continue to pass the book along in the same manner, though it is not a requirement. Thank you to all who entered, and please accept my apologies for the delay in choosing a winning post, I've quite literally been up to my elbows in tomatoes, pears and apples.

My sister's neighbor gave her about 300 pounds of tomatoes and she had more than she could deal with, so she passed them on to me. For which I am VERY thankful, I've made a triple batch of spaghetti sauce which is now canned and on shelves in my basement and I'm working on simmering down 5 batches of pizza sauce that will eventually be canned and sitting alongside the spaghetti sauce and I'm only half done! The others are in varying stages of ripeness. Then on Saturday I went to pick pears at my Great Aunt and Uncles house and came home with the bed of my truck FULL (I've got pictures to prove it!) quite literally of apples and pears. Faith made a batch of apple muffins, Andrew is working on a pie, and I'm working on pear and apple butters. The critters here on the farm are enjoying the bountiful harvest as well. Even the turkeys and broilers are feasting on apples! (Anything to slow down their grain consumption! 100 pounds in 5 days! Yikes!)

So I chose doglady because having never met me I think she nailed it, one anonymous post was from my mom and seeing as she gave birth to me and all I didn't think it was fair to choose her... :-) and Lisa (MA) was a close second, but we've emailed back and forth a lot.... but it pleases me to know that I've brightened your heart! So I'll keep posting, venting, ranting, and taking great pleasure in the little things, and hope y'all will keep reading. It's been a great first year!

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