Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Show #1 under their belts!

Yesterday Faith and Andrew competed in their first ever dairy show. This was a pretty big show and lots of competition, and when they walked out of the ring they both said WOW, that was fun! I don't know exactly how many entries were in their classes, but Andrew went first and placed 9th of about 15-18 heifers. Faith's heifer was a bit older and went in second and was 9th or 10th out of the same number. They may have been too excited to be nervous, but as soon as the show started my stomach clamped down and I was not even competing! It was a very hot day so we were all glad that their classes were in the am so they could get back out of their show whites and into something much cooler! Let me tell you I've never seen so much pimping of cows in my life! I mean seriously, fake tails, spray paint, glue, extra grain, rosin, hair dryers, blow dryers, (yes, there is a difference!) clippers, trimmers and fake hair, all this to make a cow look "natural!" I cannot make this up! This is reality for the life of a "show cow" and it's all an attempt to make it look real. Crazy huh?! I don't get it, but the kids had so much fun!

Show day started early, we were up at 4;30am and at the fairgrounds shortly after 7am after an hour drive. That make for a long day! (Hey Andrew, got a smile to go with that swagger?)

The heifers had been prepped and re-prepped and prepped some more now it was the kids' turn. These harness type things held their numbers.

Waiting patiently to enter the ring.

More waiting, so he grabbed a brush and made the tail, excuse me switch, look fluffy, again...

Andrew's up and entered the ring. His heifer mooed all he way around the show ring, constantly.

Talking to the judge...

Headed into the final placement line up, middle of the pack! Go Andrew!

Faith's up next, and headed into the ring with an uncooperative heifer. Stubborn, man is she stubborn. I hear this tends to be the case with Holsteins...

Faith was able to get her under control and they did better after that.

Setting her up. Squaring the front feet.

Final placement line up. Middle of the pack. Go Faith!

One young girl with a huge sense of accomplishment.
Turns out that I didn't miss the 4-H show deadline like I thought, so Faith will be at the fair again this weekend showing in 4-H. And Thursday both Faith and Andrew will be showing Holsteins and Ayrshire's for a friends farm, they are excited and cannot wait to be back in the show ring. What a great experience for them.


  1. Wow! Way to go! It looks like they had a really good time!

  2. So cool! What a great experience for them. They look so cute in their cowboy duds. Kinda crazy all the "stuff" they do for a cow. Reminds me of my horse showing days. Lol


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