Monday, September 6, 2010


This seems to be a year of redemption, for the garden at least, as many of the items I attempted to grow last year failed miserably, but did well this year.

Swiss Chard for example...
Last year I planted Swiss Chard and was sadly disappointed when I didn't get any to harvest, but I was determined to get some this year and was successful! I'm looking forward to a delicious mess of greens soon!
My Great Aunt has a crab apple tree that, for the past two years at least, has been loaded with crab apples. She has no interest in putting up anything anymore but is ever happy to give it to someone who is. My attempt at crab apple jelly last year failed miserably, it turned out more like pink goo but the pigs really enjoyed it! This year I was successful! Isn't that color beautiful?

And finally, I made broth from the chickens I raised. So not only did they feed my husband once, but twice with the same bird then I boiled down the carcass to make broth. Hopefully I did it right and will have it to make him some chicken noodle soup when he gets sick in the winter. Let me just say that picking chicken bones is not my best thing to do! I think three meals from one bird is pretty honoring to that broiler. I hope that would be considered being a good steward.


  1. You are absolutely being a good steward. And to me, that is what it is all about. Living thought-fully. You do.

  2. Yup looks good to me. Pig goo hu? Interesting. I'd like the details of that one!

  3. Glad you had a good year, my garden way out did last year also. I get excited when the shelves start getting full of all the goodies I canned.


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