Monday, September 6, 2010

what a gift!

My husband has an Aunt who is a quilting extraordinaire, seriously, she makes beautiful quilts. She has a fabric stash and quilting room that would make most quilters drool, cabinets lined with fabric, and color coordinated. Oh to have a room like that!
Well, now I do! She knows that I enjoy quilting and decided my sister-in-law and I would be the recipients of a recent purge! There is nearly 70 pounds of fabric on the table and I had to take a picture because it was so beautiful! I'm itching to start about a thousand projects with it but need to finish up some other projects I'm currently working on first. I know my husband would appreciate that. Besides, having all that fabric, which looks like my own personal fabric store, makes me a little giddy! My sister does not get it, she thinks it's beautiful all right but it's not her thing. Mom on the other hand totally gets it! She's a fellow quilter and appreciates what a wonderful gift this is. It's getting to be that time of year when I start thinking about Christmas giving and am pretty sure there is a major quilting bee in our future. Last year we pulled off three quilts in the fall and the fall before was a huge undertaking for my Grandmother's bed. We made a Christmas quilt, (she LOVES Christmas) it was a ton of work and lots of pieces and a very happy Grandmother. I wonder what is in store this year.... I know one thing, I cannot wait to start!
Thank you so much Aunt Judy, what a blessing you've given me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  1. WOW!! I don't even quilt but that is a sweet gift! Baby quilts? Or a quilt like the one you have that I just LOVE hanging on your wall??? LOL! JK! Kinda. Anyways sweet!!

  2. I doubt baby quilts, nobody I know is having one, and it's not really 'baby' material... It is however very appropriate for a quilt like the one on the wall, that's WAY too amtitious for me at this point!

  3. AAHHH come on it is not, your just being modest about your talent! Love your quilts.

  4. I am so Jealous need to bring so of that fabric to your moms so we can do my projects lol


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