Sunday, May 1, 2011

eating ice cream

Yesterday was a beautiful day and one that was made for being outside, so I spent most of it raking and doing yard work with my family. Ron was leaf blowing, Faith having not felt well for a while sat and picked rocks off the lawn and ate popsicles, more than I thought she would do. Andrew took turns picking up the piles of rocks I was raking; the downside of having the gravel drive way plowed, and leaf blowing when Ron took a break. At one point during the day Ron and Andrew grabbed a pole, tackle box, the dog and headed out to see if they could catch anything. They did not, but had a nice time trying.

The animals are being weaned onto the grass now that the last bit of the snow officially left last week, yes, I'm serious! I do it slowly so as not to upset the stomachs of my beloved animals or the delicate root systems of the grass. I think Garlic's best week is the first week he's let back out onto fresh pasture, he hops, kicks, bucks, farts and tosses his head around like a spring colt! It's simply delightful for both of us. As the day wore on and I was loosing steam and my body was aching from cleaning the goat pen out after a long winter of deep bedding and a day of raking I walked out to Garlic who at that point was being brushed by Ron and said how much I'd love to go for a ride. Ron continued brushing and said "Well, in the words of Pam, (a family friend who just lost her courageous battle with cancer) 'Life is short, eat ice cream!' do it." For about half a second I considered it, but the rocks on the lawn beckoned my return and I obliged and continued raking. Afternoon turned into early evening and I had gone inside for something to drink and on my way back outside I walked past my husband; who was sitting in a lawn chair after his final turn with the leaf blower, and said, "I'm going to go eat ice cream!" Then I went to get my boy, (Garlic) brought him to the barn for a quick brush down, slapped a saddle and bridle on him and took off. It felt wonderful and was just what I needed.

So for those of you who've never galloped down a country road or eaten ice cream this video is for you! I hope you find it as delicious as I did.


  1. GREAT video! You captured the moment. I love when you gave off that little giggle. I know that feeling :)

  2. Thanks, I was going to try to edit that out, but I tried for so long and had so many attempts to get this video that I just didn't want to risk it. I cannot help it, it just comes out when I ride!


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