Saturday, May 21, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention...

...but what is called when your the mother of an inventor? I call it blessed. My son got the "fix-it" gene and is never happier than when he can make something or fix something. One of the nuts - a crucial piece of the sump pump (that is working overtime right now) was missing; Andrew saw this, walked over to his tool box and after a few tries found the exact size I needed and with a huge toothy grin and tousled hair looked up at me and said, "I fixed it for you Mommy!" His latest inventions are below, his version of a plow, made from the skeleton of the wheelbarrow that rusted through. The first version didn't work really well, so he kept at it and came up with this. He's happy with it and he's been using it to help in the garden, what more can you ask for?!

Andrew and his "old fashioned plow"
Andrew and his "old fashioned plow" at work

Since he's using our wether Buckley as a 4-H project he thought up, made and tried out an invention to help him learn to pull for draft work. Mind you Buckley has never been harnessed but is a very special and patient goat. If you ask him he'd rather sit in your lap and cuddle than work, but he's willing to try anything for Andrew. Andrew had worked on this for a while; thank goodness we have loads of baling twine, it comes in rather handy, then he came into the house to get me and show off his latest invention. I'm glad I had camera in hand and was able to capture the following! It's cute and went something like this...

Andrew - "C'mon Buckley, I've got something to show you!"
Buckley - "Eh- I'm not so sure about this.... what are we going to do??"

Andrew - "This is a harness Buckley, you're doing a good job! You're going to pull the cart I'm going to build!"
Blackberry - in the background... "Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Grow hair - it's a LOT easier!"
Andrew - "I'm going to hook you up to this now Buckley and you're going to pull it. It's my invention and it's going to help you train to pull a cart!"

Buckley takes a step.
Andrew is thrilled! "Good boy Buckley!"
Buckley is now slightly concerned that something is following him, but doesn't panic, he trusts Andrew.
As Buckley starts pulling - something happened and the load shifted, after all this is a first time thing and these things are bound to happen. Andrew tells Buckley to stand (he seems to remember a bit if his pack training) and goes to 'fix' it.

Buckley - "Oops! What happened back there? Everything ok Andrew? Do you need any help?"

Andrew - "No Buckley, I do not need help! I told you I was eventually ride in the cart and you were going to pull it! Not the other way around!"
Buckley - "hey riding sounds lore like fun, I think I'd quite like a ride in a cart."

Andrew - "Buckley get off! You need to pull it not ride it!"
Andrew - "Walk on Buckley! You can do it! Good job Buckley! Look Mommy he's doing it!"
Mommy, with tears in my eyes proud of his accomplishment and Buckley's willingness - "Great job Andrew! Way to go! Please watch out for the rhubarb! Andrew turn Buckley towards you and away from the rhubarb!" Watched as Buckley and paraphernalia roll over rhubarb...sigh. Investigate rhubarb - not too much damage done.
Andrew - "Oops! I'm sorry Mommy! Buckley you did great especially for your first time! I'm so proud of you!"
Buckley, with his goofy goat grin -"Aw shucks! Hey, that was fun but I still think I'd rather ride in than pull the cart."

Andrew has a birthday coming right up, I think I know just exactly the right gift for him... a driving/pulling harness from Hoeggers goat supply....


  1. hahahahaha!! I love it!!!!! great commentary too!!

  2. Great post! He is one of a kind! I think we'll keep him.

  3. How inventive! You've got a talented young man there with a very trusting goat! Very cute!

  4. I do indeed! Buckley is a wonderful goat, sweet and happy-go-lucky, I feel blessed.


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