Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet the Cast - Will and Kate

You'll have to pardon the names, the kids named them... but I'll have to say I think it's cute! We picked up two piglets today for the kids to do their 4-H projects with and then to fill freezers with when the time comes. I'm not ready to think about that now, as they are just babies. Aren't they cute? I just love pigs and baby ones at that! OH. MY. WORD!!! They were not sure they wanted to come out of the crate we brought them home in, new sights, sounds, smells and a whole lotta traveling today! When we got them here to the farm they were shivering so we got them into the barn and got the heat lamp on them, only a short while and just to take the chill off. (No mom we did not take your suggestion to bring them in the house and put them in from of the fire place despite how cute it would be...) So after a while curiosity got the better of him and Will was the first one out.

Then he was followed by Kate and much to their delight found a nice bowl of organic pig food and a warm light! Not to mention two very happy kids who'll lavish love and attention on them...
Then they turned around and found a bowl of milk! They dove in and drank it all up and wagged the little stubs of a tail and tried pushing each other out of the way to devour it all themselves.
And then Will was picked up for an official photo
or two
(This is Kate, sorry, but these are out of order...oops)

or three, he tolerated it much better than she did, she squealed and screamed most of the time, so I was the only one that got a picture with her -today. See Will's milk mustache, cute right?!

When we went out for barn chores we made a nest of hay for them in the place where they'd been sleeping and right before we left they were snuggled down in it like two peas in a pod, so Faith covered them up with a bit more hay and they went fast asleep with what looked like smiles on those sweet little pig faces!


  1. Your baby pigs are friendly! Ours are raving lunatics and are never friendly until just about time to go to the 4-H auction ring!

  2. How adorable! Looks like you all were having fun with cute piggies back on the farm :)

  3. It's kind of funny that you say that Ruth, where we got them one of the guys said she'd be a handful, because she was running around biting the others, but as soon as she got in the crate to come to our farm she stopped and has showed no signs of it so far. We have really been blessed with our animals here, we really have sweet ones. I think it has a lot to do with how we treat them, we take our time and so slowly so they learn to trust us and know we're not going to hurt them. We live by the thought that we give our animals a good life, allow them to live in a manner that they were created to live and then they just have one bad day, at the end.

    I've been told that my animals are spoiled and now I take that as a compliment. :-)

  4. so cute while they are little, then they just turn into muddy beasts that you can't wait to eat. have fun with them. love the pink ones!

  5. aaaawwwwww they are cute! they look like ours, white! nice names too, where did they come from? the royal wedding?? haha


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