Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thursday was the kind of day that would make even the gloomiest person to stand up and take notice of it, it was a nearly perfect day. The sun was out, which after many, many, many days of constant rain, made for a delightfully warm, bright, sunny day and then the wind! Oh the glorious wind! Wind is a necessary element for me to have a day of perfect weather, a wild, rugged and independent wind to whirl around you commanding everything living thing in it's path to bend at it's whim. It causes the tall, lush, grass in the fields to sway; the branches to bob, leaves to dance and laugh, it even causes the pine tree to exhale as it blows through it's branches. I mean honestly are there many sounds as soothing or comforting as wind in the pines? You cannot ever see it but you know it's there. There are so few days like this that it even beckons us humans to be outside in it to soak up the nearly impossible beauty and to fully appreciate the effort of a day like Thursday.


  1. Sadly I spent most of Thursday driving. I had to pick up a bred doe rabbit in New Portland. That is the downside of the day. The upside is I enjoyed seeing a sweet Jersey cow and her day old calf. Does it get any better than that? OK, a day on horseback would be better or a day working a search dog but those activities excluded, it was pretty special.


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