Monday, April 4, 2011

so much for anonymity

I've decided that I am no longer coveting -ahem more correctly working really hard at not coveting a particular piece of property that would be just about perfect for my the kids and I to farm that just happens to be directly attached to our current property. I've decided that it's now a goal, (which is essentially a dream with a deadline) to work toward, Heaven help me! So in order to get to that goal I'd need a tractor as it's a rather large piece of land, I have no experience on a tractor, other than our lawn tractor, which is not nearly the same. Since I have no experience I thought I'd enroll in a tractor safety course offered through the extension office. I did this without telling anyone, expect Ron and the kids, because if I fail I wouldn't have to face up to it and in all likelihood I will fail as I have no way to practice. The class is offered at a very reasonable price so if I fail I can take it again fairly reasonably, but I still didn't want people to know. (One of those vulnerability things.) My kids were visiting their grandparents a couple weekends ago and I stayed home for a very much needed and appreciated quite house, but it came up in conversation that I was taking this class - along with my nephew! I'm glad he is, don't get me wrong, he does a lot of work on a farm and around his home and hopefully we'll both get lots from this class, it just ratcheted up the pressure because somebody knows! Crap! I expected to see him there tonight and was looking forward to seeing a friendly face, what I didn't expect was to see two friendly faces. My father-in-law was there as well, initially I thought he was just dropping my nephew off, but he's taking the class as well. Ratchet, ratchet, ratchet! Now safety is what he taught for quite a long time before retiring recently and is as smart as a whip! (And tells great stories too by the way!) Then I glance over at the registration table and think there is another guy I know, seriously?! At this point I'm starting to look around for the nearest combine to crawl into and hide til it's over. I look at the registration table again to see if I actually do know this guy and he turns around, yup! He's here dropping off his son to take the class! I think it was precisely at that moment I suddenly felt like I was in a pressure cooker! Oh MY Word!!!!

Granted this class is primarily for young teens to get certified so they can legally work on the farms they live on, but I figured there would be at least one person like me... nope, even there I was the only person who was asked why I was there. When the instructor divided up up into two groups to get our hands on a tractor he left me out thinking I was 'just a mom' who's kid was somewhere in the class. He was shocked I was there for the class and I was the only one who didn't have any experience with tractors. Did I mention I wanted to crawl into a combine?! So it's official, I'm the underdog and now y'all know too. Honestly I debated blogging about it to put some pressure on myself to work my butt off and actually pass, but like I mentioned earlier it's a vulnerability thing so I opted not too. But seriously because I don't have a way to practice it's not likely I'm going to pass since the only time I can practice it during class, but I'm going to do my best and I'm not afraid to ask questions if I have them. Wish me luck (not that I believe in luck, it's providence, but how do you say that?!) and hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a new certificate to show y'all!


  1. Barb, the grunt!Tuesday, April 05, 2011

    OH MY Diesel girlfriend, you move that rock gal! Too bad we do not yet, yes, that is YET... have the huge (last tractor he is ever going to buy) big dude diesel machine that my hubby craves. I used to read to him, not the daily paper, but tractor catalogs of all colors while he was getting chemo treatments. That dream of stumping in our woods and being able to bush hog, well, it keep him going during the dreary yucky days of cancer treatments. Now all clear, *thank God*, how could I ever say "no way, you are not getting THAT tractor?!" When we get one, you can practice! You Rock Twistie!

  2. You can do this and you can do it as well as any of the other students. Perhaps you could find a food bribeable farmer in your area who would let you drive his tractor and who would give you some learning assistance. How about going to your local farm equipment dealer and asking to "test drive" a tractor or 2. There have to be ways for you to get a little practice and to learn the mechanics of driving a tractor. Ultimately, it will be much like horse back riding. You learn the basics but experience without the instructor there to call out tips will be the best teacher.

  3. I did my tractor driving course (in the UK) along with kids young enough to be MY kids, and felt a bit self-conscious. But, once the course started and I got behind the wheel, I enjoyed it so much I forgot to worry about it. If you can drive a car, and a trailer - which I know from your posts you can - it will be a cake walk for you.

    My advice is to make sure you get to grips with the P.T.O safety, and attaching implements properly. That's what made me nervous when I was left alone with a tractor and a job to do. Good luck!!

  4. Way to go! I think you are going to get tons out of this class. Just think of all the neat things you will be able to show your kids. Do they have tractors that can be rented where you are? Maybe a neighbor who has one that you can play with if you pay for the fuel? You'll do great. Keep us posted! :)

  5. Yes... Twistie CAN do anything she sets her mind me ....she can..........she is a visual, hands on learner, and she'll do great!

  6. You won't fail. I took a tractor safety class last year, didn't practice on my tractor b/c it's older then the ones they used in the class, but, I learned a ton and feel much more comfortable on the tractor and it's so much fun to drive!!! You'll be fine, knowing people will just make you try that much harder! Great to have that goal and not ahem "covet"!! LOL


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