Thursday, April 21, 2011

40 days, 40 bags Challenge update #2

I tallied up my bags yesterday and thanks to a recent bit of basement flooding I'm up to 51 bag GONE and another one started! I'm thinking that I'll need to go past the 40 days because, well life happened and I've got more to purge. This has been so wonderful!

How are you coming along with your 40 bags in 40 day challenge?


  1. well I never really was up for the challenge, but we have found ourselves cleaning and perging lots of stuff! what a great feeling it is to get rid of things we just don't want, need, or love!! and btw we have gotten rid of a number of bags too. never counted but maybe 10-15. lots were hannaford bags, but they count too right?!

  2. Barb, the grunt!Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Just purged 7 more! Hubby will soon be on you think I can push him to fill one?


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