Friday, April 22, 2011

help needed please

If you were to walk into the soap section of any store and pick up a bar of soap that was called 'Country Girl' what would it smell like?


  1. After the evening I just had, (bringing home another bottle calf) it would smell like "calf poop"... LOL But I think fresh cut grass and wild roses would be good!

  2. Oh Twistie, that conjures up all sorts of ideas. Perhaps Country Girl is too broad. How about Hay Mow, Horse Barn, Grain Bag, Cut Grass, Chick Brooder, Cow Barn, Chicken Coop, Plowed Earth, Sap House,Balsam or Pine? Just kidding.
    It would probably have to be crisp and clean smelling with little actual scent. I sometimes have difficulty making the well known candle's smell match the label.

  3. Dirt! No, just kidding. Ummm, I don't know. Grass, maybe? Or for some reason, I think of just my own favorite scents, like cinnamon, or something sort of earthy, spicy, almost peppery. Not really a soap scent, though, I guess. Just NOT flowery, for sure. Hmmmm, interesting to think about. Maybe I'll be back later if I come up with anything better.

  4. Just that before OR after she's had her shower!!!

    My first thought is flowery, but earthy is more my preference of scent.

  5. in reality? sweat, diesel, and sheep shit.

    a sensible suggestion? hay barn, spring grass, sweetfeed, a posy of flowers. I would think it would smell clean, simple, green like foliage. Vanilla is yummy, so maybe cake or cooking smells?

  6. Ooooh, good question.

    Grass, sage, and wildflower.


    saddle soap and cotton sheets.

  7. ha! per our conversation I don't think I'm much help! but maybe flowers and earthy tones. lightly scented so we don't over power the aroma of our animals and make them run the other way when we feed them! they don't like strong scents, and i hate it when people wear too much calonge or perfume. so nice and light, but pleasing to the nose, and the man! there how's that? hahahaha

  8. These were some other suggestions...

    "It would necessarily be a very complex odor, light and airy with a hint of spring flowers, lilac and daffodil possibly, hints of freshly baked bread and a touch of cinnamon, horse breath and clean morning air, and last of all, just a little pinch of sheep shit, to keep it real.
    Mostly, delicate. There are so many overpowering soaps out there that mask rather than enhance"

    "lemon grass"

    "fresh and clean"

    "fresh air with a light sent of lilac"

    "HAY, AND "SUNSHINE"...."

    "a roll in the hay?"

    "Dandylions and fresh cut grass"

    "Definitely fresh cut hay, and that sweet "horse smell" that only a "country girl" can appreciate"

    Thank you all for the suggestions, if you can think of any others or like the sound of a suggestion here, please feel free to leave another comment. These are great and a really wonderful starting place, I wonder though, should I be worried that there seems to be a common thread of manure running through this scent?! ::giggle::

  9. Barb, the grunt!Saturday, May 07, 2011

    molasses cookies! That's what a real country gal bakes, and just a hint of vanilla that you stole from the bottle to dab behind the ears! Then a touch of sheep shit or goat berries to make it real, of course!


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