Tuesday, April 19, 2011


*Photo credit R. Fleury
You see, I did it! Last night I successfully drove a tractor with attached implement through an obstacle course and didn't hit a single cone! THEN I had to back it up! Yikes! In my mind there was a whole lotta everything that could go wrong here, but the instructor on the ground helped and coached me through it and though I was in the cones slightly crooked but I'd done it, and I figured it wasn't too bad for a chick who'd only ever just a week ago driven a tractor for the first (and certainly not the last,) time. I was so excited and proud of myself. THEN I hopped onto a skid steer and despite the overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia, (which I forced myself to deal with because I knew this would be FUN!) I managed to drive that through an obstacle course as well. Yea! They were both very loud but it was nice, because a body could certainly get lots of thinking done on one of those machines. WOW was that fun!


  1. How exciting! Good for you. I'm just now getting the hang of our quad, which I'm looking forward to using here on the farm. Tractor's are a huge step up and I admire you!

  2. Now how green with envy is Andrew that your driving them and not him?? LOL

  3. SO awesome!!! Way to go. Doesn't it just feel the BEST to accomplish something like that? Bask in those good feelings for awhile - you totally deserve them!


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